VoIP is a revolutionary Internet phone service which has transformed the world into a "Global Village", through your broadband Internet connection. We help companies and other prospective virtual operators to provide advanced Video & audio services to their consumers. We also make it easy for households, Commercial Establishments and Enterprises to save on international calls.

Smart Phones

» Free calls anywhere within our VoIP network
» International phone calls as low as Re 1/min
» No computer required and easy to install
» Delivered and installed anywhere in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh *
» Local support and installation.**
» First of its kind in India and completely legal

VOIP Device is a new way to make international calls at local rates. We enable broadband customers to make voice calls over the Internet to any PSTN (land line and mobile number) outside India.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses Internet Protocol (IP) to route voice packets over an IP network. By using VoIP, voice can be transmitted across any type of IP network such as the Internet, an intranet, or a LAN. Simply speaking, VoIP is a simple and inexpensive way to make and receive phone calls using your Internet connection rather than your standard phone line. And the other end sounds like a regular phone call.

To use our VoIP services you have to be a broadband customer and require sufficient balance in your VoIP account to make international calls. You can dial Accounts from your landline and your account will be recharged. Please note recharges are done 24 X 7 on both weekdays and weekends.

Broadband provides a continuous high-speed connection to the Internet for high-quality voice transmissions.

In conventional telephony, your voice is transmitted through expensive dedicated equipment of telephone companies where as in VoIP your voice is converted into data packets and sent over the Internet, this eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome equipment and hence provides low cost telephony to you.

Our infrastructure is based on the SIP protocol. Hence if the device you have purchased is SIP compliant there is a good possibility that it will work with our VoIP services.

SIP protocol is the most advanced VoIP protocol in use today. SIP is used to establish, maintain, and terminate multimedia sessions including telephony and video. You only need one SIP address to work with any SIP-enabled device such as IP phones, mobile phones, PDA's, computers, and so on.

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